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I will be placing cool comments and words of praise on this page. Just started the blog, but I’m hoping it will be populated shortly. Thank you everybody for your support! Yes, some are in Turkish/Turklish… I guess you have to Google translate to find out what it means =)

“ummm i thinking of dating you… because if i do, 1 i know you look good and 2 when ever i come home dinner will be ready…. But seriously i tried the sushi and thank you it worked.
Her eve lazim gibisin olum.” – Kaan 🙂

“i’m a “müptela” of ur blog” – Volkan

“CANııııımmmm, muhteşem görünüyor.Sipariş alıyor musun???” -Guldal

“Can seni tebrik ederim inanilmaz bi blog olusturmuşsun senin sushi tarifinden sonra haberim oldu!! (baya basarili bi sonuc elde ettik kaanla 😀 ) Sen bence birak ekonomi sektorinde is aramayi direk bi culinary institute’e yazdir kendini ve chef ol!!!! 😀 (bu konuda ciddiyim) Basarilarinin devamini bekliorum apple pie’i…n baya hos gozukuyo bu arada… Daha tanismamis olsamda Marie’ye benden selam soyle.. :)” – Suheyla

“I’m so glad you joined us here, dolcay! I checked out your blog and am really impressed. You are a fine cook and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you.” – Fisher’s Mom




1. Jack DeCourcy - March 9, 2010

Great blog! I’m interested in trying the guac as it differs from my recipe. The great instructions and pictures are a nice touch. Keep them coming!

Deniz Olcay - March 9, 2010

Thanks so much for checking it out Jack! Hope you have been well, long time no speak. I’ll definitely keep them coming, glad you are enjoying the content 🙂

2. Terje - March 11, 2010


Loving your blog!!

I tried to make the apple pie and although it didn’t look (and taste) as good as yours it was easy to make following your guidelines. Had my laptop with me in the kitchen hehe.

Can’t wait for the Sun Dried Tomato Risotto……

Keep it up,

Deniz Olcay - March 12, 2010

Aaahh really? I’ll have to make you one when we are in SA 🙂

3. Matias Medina - March 11, 2010

Your Food makes Frank Sinatra look like a Hobo!

4. songul kadioglu - March 12, 2010

Heyyyyyyyyyyy John you’re gonna make one big chef soon:) Trust me. I”m really impressed.

5. Tom Peterson - August 15, 2010

Love the site! Really easy to follow along with it all. I’m looking forward to tackling the Crispy Juicy dumplings!

Keep up the good work!

6. Dirty - September 17, 2010


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